W. Bernard White, Constructing Visions & Dreams

Michigan Chronicle
August 7, 2013
By, Donald James

W. Bernard White, founder and president of White Construction, refuses to be outworked or outperformed by competitors in his industry. Since the inception of his Detroit-based company on July 31, 1989, White has led one of the region’s most progressive organizations. The company takes on projects in Detroit, but has left its construction fingerprints on Saginaw, Flint, Battle Creek and many suburban cities. In recognition of its status, Black Enterprise magazine continues to include White Construction on the publication’s list of Top 100 Black Businesses in America.

With a specialization in pre-construction services, construction management, general contracting, and design build, White Construction stays true to its motto: “Constructing your vision…since 1989.”

“For me, it’s always about working much harder than my counterparts and also trying to incorporate some smarts as I get better,” said White. “One of the major keys to my success is that I’m strictly organized in everything that I do, both in my professional life, as well as in my personal life. I feel that I do that a little better than most people in my industry.”

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